Guidelines for Speakers

1. All members are expected to provide a speaker approximately every 14 months (based on a 60 member club). These speakers can cover a wide multitude of topics and members can even be their own speaker. Choose a speaker with a topic that is informational, educational, motivational or of entertainment value that will be of general interest to all Club members.

2. It has been proven again and again that a successful Rotary Club has quality speakers each week. In an effort to continue this quality, the Board of Directors as has adopted the following guidelines:

     A. A speaker or topic will not be allowed to be repeated within a 24 month period. The exception to this rule would be a speaker speaking on an entirely different subject. Approval for this exception must be approved by the Program Chair.

     B. Members are encouraged to “step outside” their comfort level and secure a speaker that will introduce an interesting program to the Club.

     C. Asking City of Derby (each department)
officials to speak will be limited to a 36 month rotation unless something exceptional occurs. Again Program Chair approval will be needed.

     D. Avoid political or religious topics. Rotary International is a non-political and non­religious organization. As a matter of policy, Rotary Clubs do not take positions on public question including political or international issues.
     E. Avoid political candidates during their election year. It is ok to have a congressman, senator or other elected official speak to our Club when the format is simply a report to constituents on congressional or legislative affairs.

     F. Avoid local representatives of non-profit organizations. Consider speakers only if they have a unique topics and they CANNOT solicit funds.

     G. Avoid product or service promotion. Advise speakers that they may speak on issue that affect their industry and the community and how they cope with them. They CANNOT use the Rotary podium to promote their services or products.

     H. Avoid controversial topics or volatile issues that could arouse anger and division among members. Refer to the Four-Way Test when considering speakers and topics.

Programs are to be secured and given to the Program Chair AT LEAST 4 WEEKS prior to presentation to ensure there are no conflicts or problems with repetition.


Club Leaders

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